I ordered a set of rims and tires on Feb. 17th 2008. After I ordered them, the salesman called me and said that they did not have the wheels in stock (though the website said they did), but I could get any other wheels I wanted for the same price. I told him there were no other wheels I liked, and I would call him back, but I probably would just cancel the order. About 15 minutes later, he calls me and says he found the wheels I ordered, and they were in California. He would get them sent to Wheelmax, they would balance them, and then they would ship them to me. He said it would take 2 days for them to get the wheels and it would take 3-5 days after that for me to get them.

-I did not receive any wheels until the first of April. I only got three. Fedex damaged the fourth wheel, and though that was not Wheelmax's fault, the next part was. I called Wheelmax and told them Fedex said the wheels was damaged. They said they could not get another one of those wheels but they would sell me some more. An hour later, I called them again, sat on hold for 20 minutes like always, and he said he found the wheel. It was the same story about CALIFORNIA. He told me I should get the wheel in 4 days. When I called 4 days later, he said he should get the wheel that day and it would take 3-5 days for me to get it. Both times, they were lying so I would not cancel my order.

I now have four wheels. The chrome inserts were missing. They sent those. I am still missing all 4 center caps. They told me they would give me some money back for all the trouble. I paid $1686.98. They are going to give me $86.98. Wow. That's not even 10 percent, and I keep calling wanting to know why I haven't seen the refund yet, and i can't get anyone to tell me anything.

I will NEVER NEVER NEVER buy rims from Wheelmax again. EVER!

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #950149

Sorry to hear about your horrible customer service that you received while dealing with wheelmax. I know that this post is old but I am here to let you know that the website now has new owners. We want everyone that deals with us to be happy with both our products, and our customer service.


Wow, wish I would have known this when I ordered my rims.Sasha, the head sales manager, sold me my rims and said he would e-mail me my tracking number when they got it.

About three weeks went by and no number, so I call back and he said that they had to get the tires from another distributor. Ok, I then get the wheels and tires, but they ride like ***. I did get lugnuts, but they were *** and not for a truck that is a 2500 Ram. I went to another shop and obtained lugnuts for $32, they say $85.

I then call back and explain that my truck rides like *** and he said I needed another piece and he would send it to me and be there by Wednesday, when I called on Thursday. Wednesday came and no parts. I called back and he said they should be there. I call back in a week and then he says that I need to get the wheels re-balanced and they would pay for it.

I see on their web-site that balancing cost $85 and they informed me they would repay only $20, then changed it to $40. I tried at three places and two were $75. I went to work at a Dodge dealership and they did it for $40. I have the everything for them, but now no one wants to take the responsibility of getting me my money.

As I have seen and read, they have great customer service in talking, but never follow through with anything. They suck and don't by from them.

There are too many others to purchase from.Be warned about them.

to Scott Boyd #629638

Hello my friend, when did you order wheel rims from wheelmax? I am looking for some reference, thanks.


Ive ordered from them twice.There service does suck.

They dont tell you if the wheels have been shipped or give you a tracking number. They dont answer emails.

I just want to know the est time of delivery!They do have good prices and i had good luck with the past wheels ive purchased

to Dazone #629636

When did you order wheels from wheelmax?


DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH WHEEL MAX!--I ordered wheels and tires from this company, but cancelled the order in less than 24 hours--long before they were shipped from their facility in Florida.

They had plenty of time to properly cancel my order, and not send the product. 12 days later, the wheel package arrived to my surprise, without any mention or indication of my desire to cancel the order. Wheel Max has been profoundly sloppy and irresponsible in their dealing with me. Now they say I have to pay $100 cancellation fee and shipping charges of $160 to send the wheel package back to them!

Wheel Max is a dishonest company! Their Customer Service is a joke. And their sales people are greedy and will tell you anything to make a sale. THIS IS A VERY BAD COMPANY!

So be

BEWARE! This company will rip you off. I'm amazed that they are still in business. Go somewhere else for your tires and wheels.

You be glad you did.--Charles Whitt

to charles whitt #629639

Hello Charles, when did you order wheels from wheelmax? Does they offer some after sales service? Thanks, my friend.

Lewiston, New York, United States #20161

This is my story......

I ordered a set of rims for my car.The total price was just under $400.

I received the rims in good condition. However, when i went to get the rims installed they did not fit. So here i am, sitting at a professional tire shop and they tell me they do not fit. So i called Wheelmax and told them that they do not fit.

The guy on the line goes...."Sir, I am not going to argue with you, we have sold hundreds of these exact same rims for that car. I said....well what am i suppose to do when they dont fit. He argued and argued with me. So i hung up and tried calling again.

This time a female rep answered. She said that the rims will not fit without spacers. So I said, well I already have all my tires off where do i get the spacers. She said she would mail them to me or i could have a full refund because they do not fit as ordered.

Beings i didnt have time to wait around and i needed the car, plus i already had money dumped into the car with labor i decided i would take the full refund. She said i would recieve an email that i would print and take to fedex..with the rims and that would cover the shipping charges and everything. Well 3 days later I still havent received an email. I have also contacted them a couple times asking where the email was.

They said it was coming just give it time. Finally, Today i was fed up. I called them and said I wanted it by noon today. She said that they decided that they are...

I just laughed because i was so fed up. On there website it says that they will refund your money in full if they do not fit. WELL THEY DONT. But they say they do.

What kind of guarrentee is that if they wont believe you and there is no way to prove your point. SO they said they would return them normally. Which meanse i would have to request an RMA number and pay for shipping myself. PLUS a $100 restocking fee.

SO basically after all that...i would recieve maybe 50% of my money back. So i decided to disupute my claim through Visa because i am getting jerked around. Hopefully I win but if not im out what i paid for the rims. I really hope whoever reads this takes my advice when i say DO NOT PURCHASE FROM WHEELMAX.

They have 2 seperate departments, SALES (which of course is going to be super nice) and RETURNS/Cusotomer Service (which totally F#$#$## SUCK. So far i have wrote 5 emails to them aswell and have not recieved even 1 reply. Once they have your money they treat you like ***. PLEASE!!!!

spend the little bit of extra money and order from someone else. Don't end up in the same loss I am in.

I have rims that i cannot use and i am out 400 dollars.I hope you take my advice....but if not....just remember to come back and write a bad review to help someone else out......Take care...and goodluck if you dont take my advice.

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Marietta, Oklahoma, United States #7621

I only got 3 wheels too!!! they keep telling me to wait.... and one of the rims had a scratch!

they dont provide you a shipping #


Hello, my friend, how do you think the quality of wheels from wheelmax? I am looking for some reference.

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